Plant a Tree

In collaboration with Trees for the Future

It is our purpose at Alaria to do our utmost to help the planet and the people that live on it! We wanted to join forces with a charity that shared our philosophy.

For every Alaria purchase you make,

5 trees

will be planted by Trees for the Future.

We are happy to announce that Alaria has partnered up with TREES as our charity of choice to support the ‘Forest Garden Program’. TREES mission is ‘to improve the livelihood of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded land’. As an Alaria customer, you will be planting 5 trees for every product bought. This helps farmers convert farmland into ‘Forest Gardens’ which in turn, helps in eliminating hunger, poverty and deforestation all resulting in combating climate change and creating a greener, healthier future. TREES works with over 4,000 farming families across six countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea and Tanzania. Their main goal is to “eradicate hunger for 1 million people by planting 500 million trees in 125,000 Forest Gardens by 2025.”

By supporting the movement, we give our conscious customers the chance to further help this program by contributing with every purchase made. We feel fully committed to helping farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa by providing them with work, an income and a better life through the program TREES created. With this ever-growing network of communication, you as a customer can purchase a beautiful product made by a hardworking artisan from one side of the world, and at the same time planting a tree on the other side. Here at Alaria, we give you the platform and opportunity to do both all at the comfort of your own home.

Have a look at their website :


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